Small icons help users retain a clear overview:




Speed in kmh or mph

Altitude in feet or meters

Heart rate or cadence active

Stopwatch running

Light mode active


At a glance

The clearly organized display offers lots of information at a glance. The values for speed, temperature, current altitude, current ascent/descent and current heart rate/current cadence* are permanently shown on the display.


* with installed heart rate or cadence transmitter


Button allocation

All information quickly on call


  • Uphill altitude difference
  • Uphill alti. difference bike 1 / bike 2
  • Uphill alti. difference total
    (bike 1 + bike 2)
  • Maximum alti. of the trip
  • Maximum alti. bike 1 / bike 2
  • Average ascending gradient
  • Maximum ascending gradient
  • Downhill alti. difference
  • Downhill alti. difference bike 1 / bike 2
  • Downhill alti. difference total
    (bike 1 + bike 2)
  • Average descending gradient
  • Maximum descending gradient

With installed HEART RATE transmitter (only MC 2.0 WL)

  • Average heart rate
  • Maximum heart rate
  • Calories burnt
  • Time below the set
    training zone
  • Time in the set training zone
  • Time above the set training zone
  • Stopwatch
  • Clock

With installed cadence transmitter
(only MC 2.0 WL)

  • Average cadence
  • Maximum cadence
  • Time below the set cadence zone
  • Time in the set cadence zone
  • Time above the set cadence zone
  • Stopwatch
  • Clock

With no other installed transmitter

  • Stopwatch
  • Clock
  • Trip distance
  • Total distance bike 1 / bike 2
  • Total distance bike 1 + 2
  • Ride time
  • Ride time bike 1 / bike 2
  • Total combined ride time
  • Average KMH
  • Max KMH
  • Navigator (2nd trip distance counter)

Menu structure (EMC)

Pressing buttons short

  • Press M to open a submenu
  • Press the ALTI or HR/CAD button to scroll through the functions
  • Press C to go back a step

Press and hold buttons

Pressing and holding buttons changes their functions:

  • Press and hold the M button to open the settings menu;
    press and hold the C button to close the settings menu
  • Pressing and holding the C button when not in the settings menu resets the Tour Data values


Simple operation with Easy Menu Control

The EMC operating system makes it simple and intuitive to use the computer during a trip and configure the computer the first time it is used. All settings can be accessed in a single menu.