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Cycle Parts GmbH

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Registration court Ludwigshafen/RH. 
HRB 62 638
UST-ID: DE 812 697 156

Managing Director:

Gerold Weindel, Robin Schendel

Contacts for the website:
Gerold Weindel
Tel: +49 (0) 63 21 - 95 82 7 – 0



Cycle Parts GmbH endeavors to ensure that all information and data contained in its domain are correct and up to date. No guarantee that the information and data are correct, up to date or complete can be given and no liability will be accepted. In no case will liability be accepted for damages ensuing from the use of the retrieved information. Cycle Parts GmbH reserves the right, without prior notice, to change or amend the information provided.


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Notes on Data Protection

Your e-mails will be sent to Cycle Parts GmbH without additional encoding. All information sent, therefore, may, under certain circumstances, be read by third parties. For your security you should not send identification words, credit card numbers or other information that you wish to keep secret. The integrity of the data can at the moment not be guaranteed.