Training zones

3 training zones can be selected in the MC 2.0 WL.

  • The FIT and FAT zones are automatically calculated from the set personal data and from the personal maximum HR.
  • The values for the OWN zone are similarly calculated, but can be adjusted individually.


The MC 2.0  WL has a digital, two-channel wireless receiver. It can therefore not only display the speed but also use the second receiver channel to process either the heart rate or cadence and display the values on the display.

What do you want today?

Heart rate or cadence? The MC 2.0 WL can display not only the speed but also either the heart rate or cadence. The sensor selection is used to select the heart rate transmitter or the cadence transmitter.

CAUTION: it is not possible to simultaneously display both the heart rate and the cadence on the MC 2.0  WL.