What does DW mean?


DW stands for “Digital Wireless” and “Double Wireless”. It stands for not only digitally transmit data from transmitters to the receiver but also for the two-channel wireless transmission of speed + heart rate or speed + cadence

Sensor range

How near to my MC 2.0 do my sensors need to be?

With a range of

  • 75 cm (30 inches) for the speed transmitter
  • 90 cm (35 inches) for the cadence transmitter
  • 90 cm (35 inches) for the heart rate transmitter

all normal mounting positions are covered.


The MC 2.0 WL automatically pairs with all selected transmitters if the computer is in the handlebar bracket.

During pairing, the transmitter sends digital encodings to the receiver in the computer. These encodings are stored in the computer. After the pairing, the computer only processes the data with the encoding that the transmitter provided during the pairing. Data with other encoding is not processed.

Users can therefore cycle in a group with several computers without their neighbor's data interfering with theirs.

Digital wireless transmission

The MC 2.0 has a 2-channel digital wireless transmission.

It can receive either:

  • speed + heart rate or
  • speed + cadence

Note: Heart rate and cadence cannot be received simultaneously.

  • Each transmitter generates its own coding. Thus, “cross-talking” is effectively prevented while riding in a group.
  • The pairing of the transmitter with the computer is carried out automatically in MC 2.0 WL.
  • Insert computer into the handlebar bracket and set off; computer does the pairing on its own.

The basic principle

Pairing Digital Wireless