MC 2.0 WR = wired

By pressing the button combination MENU + BIKE, the computer switches between BIKE 1 and BIKE 2

The number 1 or 2 is shown on the display depending on the setting.


MC 2.0 WL = wireless

Thanks to the encoded wireless transmission, the sensors are already assigned to the computer and the values transmitted can be correctly allocated.

Sensor kits

The MC 2.0 WR and MC 2.0 WL both have different kits that can be used to equip the second bike.



Bike detection makes it possible to use the MC 2.0 for two bikes. Both versions (with wireless transmission or wired) differ in the way they detect the desired bike:

  • the MC 2.0 WL (wireless) has an automatic bike recognition function
  • the MC 2.0 WR (wired) has a manual bike selection function

What does "bike recognition" mean?

The values to be stored in the computer are assigned to the correct bike. This means, for example, that the total distance for BIKE 1 is not added to the total distance for BIKE 2.


  • Total distance bike 1
  • Total trip time bike 1
  • Total altitude gain bike 1
  • Maximum altitude bike 1
  • Total downhill altitude loss bike 1
  • Total distance bike 2
  • Total trip time bike 2
  • Total altitude gain bike 2
  • Maximum altitude bike 2
  • Total downhill altitude loss bike 2


Setting the sensors


To differentiate between which wireless sensor is used for which bike, the transmitter must be correctly configured. To do this, move the slide control in the battery compartment into the desired position.