Selecting the start altitude

Press and hold the ALTI button for a few seconds.


Air pressure above NN

The value for the air pressure above NN for the specific place can be found on several weather websites such as

or read from a barometer on site. (Caution: this has to be set to air pressure above NN!)


In the MC 2.0, the altitude can be recalibrated using the

  • start altitude 1
  • start altitude 2
  • current altitude.

This process is known as recalibration.


The MC 2.0 measures the current air pressure and converts this into an altitude figure. Depending on the weather, the air pressure changes every day. The start altitude, however, remains unchanged.

During recalibration, the currently measured air pressure is calculated against the set start altitude and the MC 2.0 displays the start altitude as the current altitude.

Recalibrating to the current height

In addition to selecting the start altitude, you can also enter the current altitude if you are not setting off from start altitude 1 or start altitude 2. The current altitude can be entered

  • as an altitude above normal null (NN) in meters or feet or
  • as the air pressure above NN.

The MC 2.0 then recalculates the air pressure at the correct current altitude.